[PC-BSD Testing] Config editing

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Wed Dec 17 09:45:45 PST 2008

Well guys, I gathered 200+ configs from my working PC-BSD and analysed 
them :)
I now can categorise all configs into 8 different logic types:

- (Tab/Space)-based tables (newsyslog.conf, fstab)
- Simple keyValue without section (rc.conf, resolv.conf)
- Simple keyValue with section 1 level deep (smb.conf, php.ini)
- Xorg conf (xorg.conf)
- Apache-type (httpd.conf)
- Section with braces type, multi depth (named.conf, nginx.conf, wep.conf)
- login.conf type (login.conf) (Not really different, but my parser have 
own opinion about newline and comments ;) )
- zfs.conf (have not sufficient info, look later, very similar to simple 

and of course XML ones - I didn't count them, because they are in valid 
easy parseable format already.

Currently I have working parser and some GUI, which can handle smb.conf 
and other simple types, which preserves all correct comments and can 
parse and understand that some values are valid sections and keyValue 
pairs, only commented;

I'm working now on difficult parser cases, such as:
some key: value1, value2, /** comments **/, value 3
some key: value #comment

After part1 (parsing/editing/saving) completed, I'm going to part 2 
(validating, advance validating) - such as check if specified path/file 
exists, if entered value sane, etc. And after that, I'll try which is 
hard ever - parse broken/mistyped configs.

So, I think soon we'll have one GUI for many cases while normal, 
full-featured GUI not available.
BTW, I'll need some help for testing, any volunteers? :)

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