[PC-BSD Testing] geom eli

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Tue Dec 16 08:22:14 PST 2008

On 16.12.2008 17:15, Kris Moore wrote:
> A.Yerenkow wrote:
>> Did someone have some experience with this?
>> If there is an option to have encrypted swap, why not make some GUI for
>> creating encrypted directory for very personal documents.
>> it could be even a file-based, which mdocnfiged and mounted to a dir.
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> That would be cool, somebody just needs to write one :) I don't have it
> on my list at the moment, I need to finish up a backup tool, and do some
> revamps to the system updater to integrate it with the add / remove
> programs tool. (Already started on this)
> If somebody wants to try writing one in QT4, we could easily add it to a
> future release :)
I'm currently working on proove-of-concept library for parsing any 
config files and show GUI for it, but I'm doing this with java :)
After I'll made "something" I probably ask someone to help with qt4.

About journal - I read man, and there is said "no small disks! few 
According to this man, gjournal use same partition for both data and 
journal. So, if we choose install on 4g UFS+S, this would be sufficient, 
but not if this is journal FS. After few tries I can tell that 
journalled minimum around 6Gb.

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