[PC-BSD Testing] journal fs issues

A.Yerenkow yerenkow at uct.ua
Sun Dec 14 23:50:37 PST 2008

hi guys!
Trying under wine install pc-bsd to usb flash, allocated 5,5Gb of sapce 
for root, FS select journalled.
Around 61(or 63, it was late night) percent installation stuck, and in 
dmesg there was storm of:
g_vfs  bla bla error 5

So, I decided to install to vmware virtual HDD, 4Gb one. and around 50% 
have the same situation.
The percents of installation looks very suspicious for me - it's like 
all goes wrong when FS have 2g of free space and less.

Now I'll trying to install to 7 or 8 g virtual hdd, but after that I 
want to copy all to usb flash partition, journal seems to be fastest 
choice, but this problem...

Anyone had something similar?

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