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Peter Brewster peter.brewster at comcast.net
Sat Dec 13 18:23:15 PST 2008

Before you beat on the PBI too hard - FWIW on FF3.  I run FF 3.0.4 using WinXP and notice that some/much/most of the time it fails to create a new tab on the keyboard ctrl-T command.  Sometimes OK.  Other tab operations are a little screwed up but I've learned to hang loose and it hasn't been my purpose to quantify or fix.  This showed up a couple of revs ago.

Also, the most recent FF3 under Ubuntu just plain dies, most often associated with moving the position indicator when watching a video clip.  On a restart FF3 offers a return to interupted session which always seems to work - except the video position may be other than where you were or were heading to.

On PC-BSD I've taken to using FF3 under Vine - cause it worked much smoother and at the time was ahead on rev level.  But I am up to current PBI but don't even have a printer available to the system.


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if that is the case, it means that something else needs to be done with 
FF3 pbi..

I already noticed that some icons are not showing correctly (new tab for 

I will take a look at the PBI and see if I may solve the issues...


Ian Robinson wrote:
> Fabry said:
> >I have 3 computers already updated and they love FF3.. faster and better
> >memory management  at least under PC-BSD... under windows is a pain..
> >but printing works...
> >
> >gues FF3 is not ready for production yet
> >
> >thanks for the info
> >
> >Fabry
> Fabry --
> Kris is right about FF3 not playing nice with CUPS.  I had the same  
> problem with the printer crashing.  But -- there is an easy solution 
> available so you can keep using FF3.  The solution is to delete the 
> FF3 pbi (saving your configuration information) and install FF3 from 
> ports like this:
> # cd /usr/ports/www/firefox3 && make install clean
> or
> #cd /usr/ports/www/firex3
> #make install clean
> It will install FF3 to /usr/local/bin/firefox3 and it if you "search" 
> for Firefox from the menu it will show up in the menu tree.  If you 
> previously had an FF3 icon in Favorites or on the Desktop, it will 
> have a question mark "?" in it.  Delete them.  Printing will occur 
> without a hitch.
> Ian Robinson
> Salem, Ohio
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