[PC-BSD Testing] fluxbox / Switch user / Media Center VGA Display

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Dec 11 13:50:35 PST 2008

James T. Nixon III wrote:
> I cannot start a fluxbox session when I log out and select fluxbox from 
> the Session menu. I noticed this in the betas as well.  I believe it's 
> related to iDesk and GKrellM trying to start but not being installed. 
> Also i believe 'startfluxbox' is supposed to be changed to 'fluxbox' (i 
> may be wrong).  Anyway, I hope this is enough to get you in the right 
> direction./


I removed the .fluxbox config from our SVN, since I think that was 
causing issues. If you "rm -rf .fluxbox" in your homedir, and then try 
to login with fluxbox again, does it work now?

> When you click Switch User on the kicker it just opens a Run Command. Is 
> this normal? I was hoping it'd allow me to log into another account 
> without logging out of my current session.

I can confirm this bug here, its a KDE4 thing, not sure when its going 
to be fixed though, maybe in 4.2 in the next few months.

> I installed PC-BSD on an HP Windows Media Center box from 2005 with 
> minimal problems.  Thankfully the intel-3d-enable driver worked, but 
> effects do not.  I have the VGA going out to my 47" LCD TV, which seems 
> to be a problem for the display wizard. The TV's resolution would drop 
> to 720x400 and flicker until the screen goes black.  Eventually I was 
> able to get it working by skipping the display wizard, which defaulted 
> to the intel driver. But the next problem was that it also defaulted to 
> 1024x768, then I went to System Settings > Display and chose  1280x1024, 
> which worked well enough.
> I guess the problem is PC-BSD detecting the refresh rate of my 
> television, or so I assume. Before I wiped the windows box it was doing 
> 1280x1024 without any problems.  I thought I'd throw that in there as 
> well just in case that's something we want to fix in the Display Wizard, 
> because the same problem seemed to occur at meetBSD on the Invincibook,
> Thanks for the update guys!
> --james

Yes, this normally is a refresh rate issue, if you open the display 
wizard and click the "advanced" tab you can specify a horz / vert 
refresh rate in there. It has some default rates already listed if you 
click it, which may fix it for you. Normally the problem is that X will 
try to auto-detect which refresh rate to use, and it will be incorrect, 
especially when using a non-standard monitor, like your TV, or the 
projector. If you specify one though, it should get around this problem.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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