[PC-BSD Testing] fluxbox / other WMs

brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Wed Dec 10 19:46:13 PST 2008

 I can confirm the Fluxbox problems . I can't remember the last time I've had 
Fluxbox running under PC-BSD . The 7.0.2 update seems to have smoothed out the 
latest of the graphics glitches from KDE4 and it's now almost as fast as the 
other desktop environments . I really , really like using Dolphin ( even 
inside Gnome ) . The built-in terminal is great for playing with the ports 
tree .  The ports version of FVWM-Crystal starts , but defaults to a generic 
FVWM desktop . The ports version of Gnome and XFCE work excellent , with XFCE 
working perfectly . This release of PC-BSD ( with some tweaks ) has moved from 
being a curiosity on my system to the main OS . Very nice work .

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