[PC-BSD Testing] fluxbox / Switch user / Media Center VGA Display

James T. Nixon III james at ixsystems.com
Wed Dec 10 15:49:45 PST 2008

I cannot start a fluxbox session when I log out and select fluxbox from 
the Session menu. I noticed this in the betas as well.  I believe it's 
related to iDesk and GKrellM trying to start but not being installed. 
Also i believe 'startfluxbox' is supposed to be changed to 'fluxbox' (i 
may be wrong).  Anyway, I hope this is enough to get you in the right 
When you click Switch User on the kicker it just opens a Run Command. Is 
this normal? I was hoping it'd allow me to log into another account 
without logging out of my current session.

I installed PC-BSD on an HP Windows Media Center box from 2005 with 
minimal problems.  Thankfully the intel-3d-enable driver worked, but 
effects do not.  I have the VGA going out to my 47" LCD TV, which seems 
to be a problem for the display wizard. The TV's resolution would drop 
to 720x400 and flicker until the screen goes black.  Eventually I was 
able to get it working by skipping the display wizard, which defaulted 
to the intel driver. But the next problem was that it also defaulted to 
1024x768, then I went to System Settings > Display and chose  1280x1024, 
which worked well enough.

I guess the problem is PC-BSD detecting the refresh rate of my 
television, or so I assume. Before I wiped the windows box it was doing 
1280x1024 without any problems.  I thought I'd throw that in there as 
well just in case that's something we want to fix in the Display Wizard, 
because the same problem seemed to occur at meetBSD on the Invincibook,

Thanks for the update guys!

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