[PC-BSD Testing] Kernel Panic on Wireless + shutdown

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Tue Dec 2 08:04:40 PST 2008

>no, I don't think that that is the error... I will be more careful 
>next time and write down the error, th only problem is that when it 
>happens the computer restarts after a few seconds (mainly 'cause it 
>happens on shutdown.. I think)
>I start to notice a problem with ACPI as well.. the laptop doesn't 
>shut down completely.. I get the message that says that the computer 
>will be shutdown via ACPI, then the monitor get blank, but the 
>laptop stays on and I have to press the power button for a few 
>seconds to force the shutdown.
>what should I do... burn the laptop or try to solve the issues? :-)


What model laptop is this? BIOS current? Hopefully no burning required.


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