[PC-BSD Testing] Kernel Panic on Wireless + shutdown

Fabrizio Parrella fabrizio at bibivu.com
Mon Dec 1 20:42:31 PST 2008

While PC-BSD was restarting, I got a kernel panic when I noticed that 
the wireless for my laptop was off and I switched on.

This happened right at the moment when it is testing for the wireless 
card.... I noticed that was showing it as DOWN, I switched ON and got 
the kernel panic.

I tried to replicate the issue but I was not able to.

since then I have been getting random kernel panic when trying to turn 
off the laptop.. I am actually able to know when the panic is coming 
because at shutdown the kernel messages are really slow to appear.. like 
a typewriter effect, and often the very first message looks like that is 
two messages one on top of the other.

please let me know what I should grab next time I see the panic so I can 
post it.

thank you


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