[PC-BSD Testing] Firefox 3 PBI problems

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Dec 1 06:22:16 PST 2008

Ian Robinson wrote:
> I have noticed two problems using the Firefox 3 PBI relating to printing and
> YouTube.
> I am running PCBSD 7.0.1 i386 on an HP xw8200 (dual Xeon 3.4 GHz) with
> nVidia card and printing through an HP LaserJet 4+ via tcp/ip and CUPS.
> (1)  Sending a print job from a PBI version of firefox 3 crashes the browser
> immediately.
> Kris Moore addressed firefox 3 printing problems back in September 2008 with
> this solution:
> # mv /usr/bin/lpr /usr/bin/lpr.old
> # ln -s /usr/local/bin/lpr /usr/bin/lpr
> Howver that does not solve the current FF 3.0.3 or FF 3.0.4 downloaded from
> a PBI.
> The good news is that the printing problem does not exist if you download FF
> 3.0.4 from ports.

I've just done some testing with FF 3.0.4 PBI, and I can print just fine 
with it, without a crash or anything. What kind of error are you getting 
with FF when it crashes from a print job?

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