[PC-BSD Testing] Problem install Fibonacci Beta 1

TooMany Secrets toomany at toomany.net
Sun Aug 31 11:33:26 PDT 2008

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 1:05 PM, TooMany Secrets <toomany at toomany.net> wrote:
> The first part (partitioning disk) is an issue of a feature? I say
> this because I can see this behavior since the begining of PCBSD. Why
> we cannot delete partitions to make free space (for example) using the
> "advanced mode"?
> The second part, I don't know if is it a bug, or something like it (is a beta).
> I hope to help with this to this wonderful freebsd based operating
> system oriented to desktop.

Another "feature" is the password field, for root and user; why I
cannot put ",", ".", ";", or something else for a secure password?

I'm trying now to make another installation, with the same
characteristics like the last exposed, but the difference is the
filesystem is "UFS2+SOFTUPDATES" (not GJOURNAL).
Ok, the problem is the same; around the 73% of installation, the same error:

/: write failed, filesystem is full

Third try (a possible typo error in disk configure): only change the
extra packages for select only Firefox and Opera. (Forgot to say that
the root partition is 71 Gb, and swap is 3'5 Gb).
Also, I don't wait the window error into the X session; I'm into the
ttyv0, seeing the log into stdout of it.... Ok, Now I don't have any
error at the momment (St. Murphy, don't listen me...).
99 % completed and no errors!! Reboot system. All seems fine. But at
boot... where is the grub loader? I'm sure I'm marked it...
The wpi0 is recognized correctly and now is time for X: OK, all seems
good (I think).

I will try another installation into the same laptop, for look about
gjournal and ZFS.


Have a nice day ;-)

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"Exígete mucho a ti mismo y espera poco de los demás. Así te ahorrarás

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