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Sun Aug 31 07:00:48 PDT 2008

I haven't tried to install any printers but if you go into System Settings
and then into Services Manager you can turn in the hplip. It defaults to NO
(not started) as reported in the System Manager:

# Enables support for HPLIP

PBIs must be for PCBSD7.

My other BSD slices are listed in Dolphin and after I click on them once it
defaults back to my home directory again...but a second click a few seconds
later allows me to open them.

If you are in the Edit mode of the panel (taskbar), you can grab and move
the menu 'ball' along the length of the menu. Once you get it where you want
it, lock the widgets on the panel. I let my wife use my computer last night
to play some games and somehow she lost the desktop. I put it back and
locked it.

3d: As does cube from ports and also googleearth

Right click on the desktop and choose 'Create New' and then 'Link to
location' and choose your desktop. The icons it creates isn't very pretty
but you can change its properties. I downloaded some torrents (with ktorrent
PBI for 7, it works fine) but there is no associated icons.

On Sun, Aug 31, 2008 at 12:07 AM, Brian <peispud at eastlink.ca> wrote:

> My impressions -
> - _Still_ no drivers for my HP f2110 . hpijs provides the proper driver
> but will not install .
> -Good job on KDE4 , but it's not for me - at all
> -PBIs will not install as Lawrence mentioned
> -My Linux partitions that share PC-BSDs IDE drive are  listed , but will
> not open in dolphin - it simply defaults to /home . Dolphin could use
> more icons in the tool bar - namely up and terminal . I'm yet to use
> Dolphin and not be annoyed .
> -The classic style menu eventually disappears . Adding it again plops it
> on the far right of the panel .
> - 3D games seem to finally play properly . World of Padman compiled and
> played flawlessly .
> - Could we get the home icon back on the desktop ?
> - If  Firefox is offered in the install process , Thunderbird should be
> offered as well . The two should be linked to work together if they are
> both installed . There was a PBI to do this , but I don't see it
> available anymore .
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