[PC-BSD Testing] beta1 :-)

Brian peispud at eastlink.ca
Sun Aug 31 00:07:19 PDT 2008

My impressions -

- _Still_ no drivers for my HP f2110 . hpijs provides the proper driver 
but will not install .

-Good job on KDE4 , but it's not for me - at all

-PBIs will not install as Lawrence mentioned

-My Linux partitions that share PC-BSDs IDE drive are  listed , but will 
not open in dolphin - it simply defaults to /home . Dolphin could use 
more icons in the tool bar - namely up and terminal . I'm yet to use 
Dolphin and not be annoyed .

-The classic style menu eventually disappears . Adding it again plops it 
on the far right of the panel .

- 3D games seem to finally play properly . World of Padman compiled and 
played flawlessly .

- Could we get the home icon back on the desktop ?

- If  Firefox is offered in the install process , Thunderbird should be 
offered as well . The two should be linked to work together if they are 
both installed . There was a PBI to do this , but I don't see it 
available anymore .

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