[PC-BSD Testing] Some nice PC-BSD addons

Simeon Nifos archwndas at googlemail.com
Fri Aug 29 23:20:35 PDT 2008

Dear Kris,
your work and design are amazing. I read your interview, and I was
really surprised by the fact that you are only 27 years old with such
great skills already. However, please allow the community to make
suggestions on what they would love to see in PC-BSD and then you can
judge what sounds nice or not. You do all of that for the users don't

So please allow me to make some  suggestions I think they are
necessary and would make many people happy:

1) Provide some other Desktop apart from KDE. Most people who are
Linux, FreeBSD users, move to FreeBSD because they want something
lighter and faster. KDE has a lot of crap nobody really needs since
they occupy a lot of resources. So, some light-weight WM would be
mandatory as an alternative. You can think about possible choices and
at the same time tweak them so they can provide all the things needed:
WiFi configuration tool (In Linux there is the WiCD) battery monitor,
sound mixer, e.t.c.

2) Enlightenment E17 is something new and promising. Although it is in
Alpha stage yet it may be a nice add on at least in the PBIs.

3) Provide some feature in the Installation (Options, check-box) which
applies all known FreeBSD hacks for achieving maximum performance.
There are a lot FreeBSD hacks that could be done and features that
could be enabled in sysctl e.t.c. You should know.

4) Allow users to request or to vote (sticky forum e.t.c.) about PBIs
they would like to be installed by default, be available on the CDs or
at least on the PBI servers. Moreover you could have something which
monitors the software packages (PBI) people usually install on the
server side so that you know which are more popular and decide what
the install images should consist of.

Maybe not PC-BSD related but FreeBSD generally
5) It is very important to do something about the boot loader. I have
Linux always installed by default which I trust more and I can work
fine with it. Every time I will install some FreeBSD system, it will
screw up my bootloader. I have to start again with a Linux CD and fix
the bootloader because usually the FreeBSD stupid bootloader cannot
start Linux but only FreeBSD. Wouldn't it be nice to allow FreeBSD to
install what is needed for it to be booted by grub without erasing
grub? That would be a very nice option. Apart from that FreeBSD should
be able to ask the user where is his Linux system in which partition
and then mount the /boot partition or the Linux partition, cd to
/boot/grub/ and modify /boot/grub/menu.lst. If the user is only a
FreeBSD person the fine. But OpenSolaris can be booted by GRUB and I
do not see why FreeBSD should not be able to do so.

6) I do not know if it is possible or if ever is gonna be, but it
should be nice to allow to install the FreeBSD on a non-primary
partition. But this is not so important.

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