[PC-BSD Testing] Problem with wine

mrfallreev at tampabay.rr.com mrfallreev at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Aug 29 15:15:16 PDT 2008

I thought that since firefox 3 came with a plugin for windows type media players and that I did not Kaffeine up and ready for use in KDE 4.1 yet, that I'd try to temp-use one of the main bloodstrem varieties, none of which worked and crash the wine bin. Thus I stubled upon a glitch. Upon trying to purge the system of these players and wine too, the uninstall for wine promts for permission to root uninstall open office. when I press anayway, office stays and wine stays, pluss the doo doos I downloaded into it. I might further say that I can be patient to wait from now on for the proper programs to be configured for my system use, and I will. I love it by the way, plus I found a run around in the firefox add ons called y player that allows me to view, say the convention recaps, weather and the like. But getting rid og a disfunctional wine is definately a glitch/bug. Really impressed with your work and thank you. 

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