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DragonFlier dracheflieger at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 21:13:55 PDT 2008

I also downloaded the k3b update (and hard booted once due to a hard lock on
pulling my usb Corsair Flash drive which the system found all and well, just
didn't want to let go) but upon looking, I found it where it was supposed to
be, under Multimedia|k3b|k3b

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 9:36 AM, Bill Leeper <protagonist at charter.net>wrote:

> Installed from the CD images. So far everything is normal. I got
> connected to my NAS drive and got the link for the test PBIs. Installed
> Thunderbird and now have it set up to use. Also, on the first boot it
> came up and said I had updates available. This turned out to be K3b so I
> said update. The update proceeded normally and when it finished I went
> looking for the program and it was not in Multimedia. I finally found it
> under Lost & Found along with a host of other programs. Firefox and Wine
> Configuration were also in Lost & Found. I ran the menu updating tool
> and it seems to have placed everything where it should be. Funny thing
> is the Menu Updating tool has now disappeard from the menu. It must have
> been under Lost & Found which has also disappeared.
> I did manage to get the Menu Updating tool back by going to recently
> used and adding it to the favorites.   :-)  Other than that first
> impressions are positive. I have to admit I, for one, like the direction
> the interface is taking. Anyway, I will get some more testing done later
> today. Nice job Kris and team. I like it.
> Bill
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