[PC-BSD Testing] Beta1

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Thu Aug 28 09:36:57 PDT 2008

Installed from the CD images. So far everything is normal. I got 
connected to my NAS drive and got the link for the test PBIs. Installed 
Thunderbird and now have it set up to use. Also, on the first boot it 
came up and said I had updates available. This turned out to be K3b so I 
said update. The update proceeded normally and when it finished I went 
looking for the program and it was not in Multimedia. I finally found it 
under Lost & Found along with a host of other programs. Firefox and Wine 
Configuration were also in Lost & Found. I ran the menu updating tool 
and it seems to have placed everything where it should be. Funny thing 
is the Menu Updating tool has now disappeard from the menu. It must have 
been under Lost & Found which has also disappeared.

I did manage to get the Menu Updating tool back by going to recently 
used and adding it to the favorites.   :-)  Other than that first 
impressions are positive. I have to admit I, for one, like the direction 
the interface is taking. Anyway, I will get some more testing done later 
today. Nice job Kris and team. I like it.


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