[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 19, Issue 40

John Stokes airy at netspace.net.au
Thu Aug 28 01:30:27 PDT 2008

I'd like to add another couple of cents to this one. Having tried the 
various alpha releases I can say that apart for a few regressions my 
experience has been excellent. There is an amazing amount of work being 
done in the background by Kris
et all to fix all the problems as they arise. KDE 4.1 has a lot of rough 
edges and still needs a lot of work to stabilise it but it is a
beautiful desktop in comparison to KDE 3.5 (Sort of like what XP is to 
Windows 95 ).I believe the KDE team did the right thing in creating a 
revolutionary desktop even though they have risked losing a lot of long 
term supporters and I think that 3.5.10 is the last of its line.When 4.0 
came out they got absolutely hammered at the pre pre alpha quality of 
many of the base applications but I think most of the criticisms have 
been addressed with 4.1 ,by the time 4.2 comes out early next year I 
think Microsoft will be actively employing many of their trademark FUD 
and headline tactics as they have very good reasons to be concerned.I 
applaud Kris and co for building the PC-BSD 7.0 base with the latest as 
I believe if the mix is right there are going to be a lot of eyes on BSD 
as a very viable alternative and stable Desktop. Keep up the good work Kris.


> Here's my 2 cents on this :)
> I'm in agreement that KDE 4.x is still rather new and different, but 
> after using it for about a month now, it would be very hard for me to go 
> back to 3.x, since it feels so outdated and clunky. The new simplified 
> style and usability really has grown on me, and to new users whom I show 
> it too, they feel that it looks very "professional" and want to try it 
> out. They are really kicking things into high-gear right now, fixing 
> bugs in 4.1 and all the various KDE 3.x apps are starting to catch up, 
> such as Amarok, KMPlayer, Ktorrent, K3b and more. In 6 months or so, I 
> would imagine that pretty much all the various KDE applications will be 
> switched over to 4.x entirely. Best for us to jump on the bandwagon now, 
> and issue smaller updates to KDE 4.1.x down the road, instead of using 
> KDE 3.5.x for PC-BSD 7 and then trying to roll out a huge update later 
> which switches every bodies default WM to something completely brand new.
> Also, I don't plan on including KDE 3.5 as an additional desktop in 
> PC-BSD 7 for several reasons. First, it would add several hundred more 
> MB to the default install, whereas most users will not need or want it. 
> Second, I don't want to become "distro-ized" in the sense that we start 
> offering various window managers, and customized packages for each 
> system and situation. This lends itself to confusion and more disarray, 
> as we would need to try and support various configurations and setups, 
> which may not work properly anyway.
> That being said, the nice thing about PC-BSD is that it is still FreeBSD 
> :) If for some reason you want to add KDE 3.5.x back into the system, or 
> Gnome, or any of the other various WM's out there, you can always go to 
> ports and add it. (Or install the PBI in the case of Gnome, how easy is 
> that?) That option will ALWAYS be open to more technical users who so 
> desire it. But for the sake of consistency, we will stick to one default 
> WM, and try to polish and make it the best desktop that we can possibly 
> offer. We are really trying to attract new users to the BSD platform 
> from Windows and Mac, not just stealing from Linux.

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