[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 19, Issue 40

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Aug 27 13:50:12 PDT 2008

>KDE 4.x (aka "Plasma") is not without its naysayers, but revolutionary
>ideas are often subject to criticism and a passionate demand to return
>to the familiar and comfortable even if old and outdated ways of doing
>things.  So it was with the automobile, the airplane, and now the
>desktop interface.
>Will we choose to keep our feet anchored in past desktop technology,
>or will  we progress to new and more versatile methods that will allow
>the unveiling of even further development in desktop programming,
>usage, development, and integration?
>The vision statement for Plasma addresses these issues at
>You can read more at 
>There are a bunch of links to Plasma information, user interface
>research, user interface standards, etc.  at
>I'm with Kris and Bill.  I find KDE 4.x better than KDE 3.5.x.  KDE
>4.x moves the desktop interface into a new paradigm and represents an
>evolution in desktop environments.  Of course it is different from
>what we are used to using.  Of course some of the old themes and
>programming is going to break.  Before jumping to conclusions, it is
>worthwhile to spend more time looking into it.  Before jumping to
>conclusions, it is worthwhile to spend time trying it out.  Let's give
>KDE 4.x a chance.

I too agree that KDE 4.x, albeit new and different than 3.5, is growing on me.
I like the direction it's going. It is more simplified and I think 
it'll be more
appealing to new users of Linux or BSD. It won't take long for the authors
of KDE3.5 specific apps to migrate to 4.x since many of the niggling things
have been worked out in the 4.1 release. Give it some time to mature.

It has already been stated by the KDE folks that 3.5.10 will likely be the very
last in the 3.5.x series as focus has shifted to developing 4.x.


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