[PC-BSD Testing] Torrent for the next beta

Arthur Koziol A-Koziol at neiu.edu
Wed Aug 27 07:50:39 PDT 2008

>flat.rose wrote:
> > I'm pretty sure u can do that by yourself by crafting and uploading a
> > .torrent file to tpb or anywhere else.
> > Doubt that it serves as some kind of law-breaking deal, 'cuz there're gonna
> > be a huge amount of ftp mirrors for beta.
> > Gl tho.
>A torrent should be just fine!
>At the moment I'm not running a tracker though, but If you like though,
>I'll contact gotbsd.net and see if he'll help us seed / track the
>torrents to get it going, since he has in the past.
>I will need help seeding as well, since my connection here isn't all
>that great for getting a torrent started.


I think a site like gotbsd.net would benefit from the beta publicity 
as would PCBSD.
If they would agree to run a tracker so it could be seeded, you could 
certainly put a
link on the pcbsd site that points people to the .torrent link so 
they could get it at
their leisure and not clog up pcbsd looking for the torrent.You 
should also ask the
folks at freebsd.org who already have a page dedicated to .torrents, 
at least for their stuff.
They reference PCBSD on this page 
(http://www.freebsd.org/where.html). Maybe they
would be willing to seed? Take a look at it here: 
http://torrents.freebsd.org:8080 It
probably wouldn't hurt to ask.

I certainly think you should also consider signing up for an account 
on betanews.com,
if you have not already. Betanews is a very good thermometer for how 
general users are
taking to a release, be it software or OS. It's where I first heard 
about PCBSD ;-)

It would certainly give people who'd like to try out the OS via ISO 
or through a .torrent file
a portal through which to seek out either the ISO or the .torrent. 
That way, users finding
their way to the .torrent, hopefully being seeded by gotbsd (or some 
other site), would
increase its presence on the net. My guess is after people know about 
the ISO or .torrent,
it would basically promote itself.

Just my 2 cents.


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