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milanisko k vetrisko at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 04:13:32 PDT 2008


  you might try some "lspci" or alike while in (a live) linux to figure out
the chip of the device and google-out whether it is supported in the
FreeBSD7 or whether  there are any trouble reports for it in the FreeBSD....
Or you just might be missing a module loading within the boot-loader - but
it's just a guess of mine....


2008/8/26 Iain Bucław <iainbuclaw at gmx.co.uk>

> Hi there, just about got through week 1 with my first time using FreeBSD
> crash course.
> Everything works great, considering. Just one small problem though.
> My Ethernet port doesn't seem to be being detected at bootup on my
> Desktop Machine, and it doesn't mention any existence of it with
> ifconfig or ifconfig up.
> This seems a little odd because detection is fine on my HP Laptop, which
> is one of the newest pieces of equipment I have; and my Desktop uses
> conservatively compatible hardware (at least, for Linux).
> Desktop uses an AmiTrends Motherboard with onboard Ethernet.
> Any thoughts?
> Regards
> Iain
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