[PC-BSD Testing] I agree

jmdennis at dslextreme.com jmdennis at dslextreme.com
Mon Aug 25 19:05:32 PDT 2008

I agree as I wish that they would be using KDE 3.5 as well.  When the
alphas started to come out they were using this.  It was nice because if
they had a problem you knew it was with pc-bsd.  Now you have no idea who
is causing the problem.  I would like to see them include both when it is
released but know this will probably not happen as those that are using
kde 4.1 seem to stick with it.  I do not like it as it is not easy to
learn on.  I am not only thinking about me but my mother as well.  I
closed down the bar at the bottom and could not get it to open again.  I
am sure that with some effort I would have been able to fix this but some
things should remain static and this is one of them.  I used Mac OS 7 up
to and including 10.4 so I do not mind change.  I could not use it any
longer since my machine did not support the new upgrades like 10.5 so I
bought a used system on ebay knowing that I would load Linux on it.

If you still want to use KDE 3.5 and want to use a freebsd version you can
always use DesktopBSD as they are also testing with freebsd 7 but still
using the old KDE version.  For Linux though you have to pick and chose as
some will be using KDE 4.1 coming up like Mandriva 2009.  You can still
use Mandriva 2008 and also Pardus 2008 is pretty good as well.  I am using
Debian Lenny beta 2 at the moment and like this as well.  They each do
things different so you have to find some thing that you like.  I do not
mind using KDE 4.1 but I want to be able to install it myself and if I do
not like it then I can uninstall it.

I do like the idea that KDE had.  They wanted to make it easier for those
writing applications to just be able to worry about there application and
not the underlying code as they could just use what was written for them
which would speed up application writing but this does not seem to be the
case as not much is done for 4.1 yet.  When it matures and does what I
want it to do then I will upgrade but until then I will use an OS that
does not include it for the time being.  I wish you luck in finding some
thing that works for you.

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