[PC-BSD Testing] I want KDE 3.5 back !!!!!!!!!!!!

Max ID maxidlabs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 13:10:32 PDT 2008

KDE4 is really slow ! I hate it. I know that I have not the fastest
machine (Pentium 4 with 3GHz 512M RAM ATI Radeon 9550). There are many
bugs in KDE4, and, what's more, they
don't depend on OS type. I've tried to install it on FreeBSD from
ports (8 hours of compiling (!)),
but it behaves similarly to PC-BSD and Ubuntu Linux.

Dolphin works incredibly slow. When I browse "Windows/System32"
directory, I have to wait for
5-10 seconds for window to become responsive. Imagine what happens
when I browse
/usr/local/bin directory :). Also, when I try to switch from one
drive/partition to another in Dolphin, I have to click the same icon
for three or four times. When I click on Floppy, an error
message appears (Something with hal/dbus)" and I cannot mount it.
Kamera application doesn't
work with Canon PowerShot A450. It is not recognized by Kamera, so I
can use gphoto2 command line tool only. Maybe it is possible to switch
back to KDE3 or to add a possibility
for selection of KDE version during the installation process?

P.S. My favorite window decoration Crystal is not available for KDE4 :(

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