[PC-BSD Testing] UFS+Journaling

Gary B. Corell wa5qjh at xmission.com
Thu Aug 21 14:39:12 PDT 2008

I know we switched back to UFS +softupdates but I ran into problems with 
the journaling when we were testing that with 08082008. I have three 
FreeBSD partitions running on the same disk here. A plain 6.3 that I had 
used as my "safe" partition, a PCBSD1.5.1 and a small 10GB PCBSD7 
08082008. partition. In order to make a few things accessible from all 
three partitions I have one slice( subslice?) designated as /pub on the 
plain 6.3FreeBSD. Not having had problems before I also made a couple 
more partitions avaialble to the PCBSD7 by putting them  accessible in 
/etc/fstab. and the PCBSD7 partition available to the 6.3FreeBSD partition.
 after a coule of reboots and a couple switches back and forth, THe 
PCBSD7 partpition was complaining of some kind of failure and so was the 
6.3FreeBSD partition.
 So, the questions arise,
  1. Is there any way to /fsck /a UFS+journaing partition?
  2. Was there anything published about not doing what I did?
  3. Should they have affected each other?
I dont know if this is related or not, but I have developed a strong 
preference for a "Clean Install" after having dealt with vagaries in XP 
over the last year. I know in Freebsd when you assign lables you can tag 
a slice to be newfs, which I believe entails a format of some kind. I 
could be wrong.  But when I installed 08152008, it seems I had to do it 
twice to get a good install.

Gary B. Corell

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