[PC-BSD Testing] Updating Alphas and Tested Platforms

Pablo Halamaj pablo.halamaj at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 09:43:31 PDT 2008

>>> Hello ,
>>> Currently i downloaded the 15/08/2008 DVD iso.
>> I made xdelta patch between 15.08 and 08.08 = it's 1.7Gb.
>> I think I could write some scripts for mounting ISO, unpacking archives,
>> makes per-file diff, archive results, to build a new ISO
>> But I don't know if we need that :)
>>> Pablo!
> :) Thanks for trying anyway. We are getting close to the end of the
> Alpha cycle anyway, should be hitting a beta right around the corner in
> the next few weeks. If some of you would like to wait to test more fully
> then, thats fine, I know that downloading 2+GB each week isn't easy for
> those with slower connections.
> --
Thanks to both for the answers.

Those Deltas are too big to be usefull, i will continue downloading
using my work's connection after Hours , they have a 4 Mbits
connection idle at night.


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