[PC-BSD Testing] Updating Alphas and Tested Platforms

Pablo Halamaj pablo.halamaj at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 12:24:30 PDT 2008

2008/8/20 A.Yerenkow <yerenkow at uct.ua>:
> Pablo Halamaj пишет:
>> Hello List,
>> I know now where to get the Alpha's ISO to start testing PC-BSD 7.
>> But i have a very slow (256 Kbits ) Connection, so downloading 4 GB
>> each week is not an option, there is a way to "update" the alphas like
>> using cvsup on FreeBSD (FBSD)?
>> Should i use the same procedure as in FBSD but changing the CVS repository ?
>> Theres is an official place to post or send the configurations and
>> it's status after test them with this alphas?.
>> I'm going to test them on a Dell Latitude 600 and a workstation AMD 64
>> x2 with ATI 3870 and want to give you feedback.
>> Thanks in advance.
> I could host xdelta's of alpha ISO's, if they will be reasonable size;
> but I need to investigate this;
> Pablo, what ISO do you have currently?
Hello ,

Currently i downloaded the 15/08/2008 DVD iso.


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