[PC-BSD Testing] Laptop Works Better with UFS + Softupdates

milanisko k vetrisko at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 07:32:11 PDT 2008

Hello again,

  Having done few X11 driver experiments, I noticed an error log appearing
in the PTY. Google says that:


  is a PR to the FreeBSD i915 driver (I've found out, my card uses it as
well) reporting the error log - It seems there is no workaround, though...



2008/8/16 milanisko k <vetrisko at gmail.com>

> Hello,
> Reading your post, I have to complain a bit about running PC-Bsd on an
> older laptop...
> As far as the filesystem is concerned, the ZFS was causing much trouble on
> my laptop (Fujitsu-Siemens E series Lifebook, P4 1.7GHz, 2GB DDR ram, ATA
> 60GB, Intel motherboard, integrated i855 graphics 1400x1050) - it used to
> crash while installing the system (I was trying to install it three times).
> So I have switched to UFS+Journaling and haven't observed the trouble any
> more.
> However, the graphics causes a lot of trouble - the performance is very
> poor. Furthermore, the system used to crash while the _Intel_ driver was
> used by the X11. I'm going to fiddle with the X11 default _i810_ driver
> settings a bit now (CPU utilisation doesn't drop below 40% while "idle"
> running just few opened windows with all "extras" disabled: news reader,
> Opera, Konsole + top)...
> On the other hand, the system was running for about 3 hours on a PC
> utilising a Core2Duo Cpu, a Nvidia 6600 pro (128MB) graphis and 2GB of DDR2
> Ram on a 1280x1024 resolution with every little desktop "extra" switched on
> very smoothly - the Cpu utilisation has been low, too (up to 20% while
> "idle", depending on the windows count), frame-rates of the Plasma between
> 30-60fps with multiple transparent windows running simultaneously. It looked
> very nice, indeed.
> I must say, the system looks really great on a "newer" hardware...
> Regards,
> milan
> 2008/8/16 Ian Robinson <fitchkendall at gmail.com>
>> Dear Kris --
>> This report concerns a PCBSD 7.0 Alpha 08082008 on a laptop computer
>> running the Intel Centrino chipset, P4 1.5 Ghz, and Intel 82855 built
>> in video.  I had previously reported that the laptop had repeated
>> freezes and reboots whenever I ran programs, especially Dolphin.  This
>> experience contrasted greatly with using the Alphas on a desktop which
>> was stable.  I am pleasantly surprised (after acting on your
>> announcement that you would revert to the previous UFS file system in
>> the next release) to report the entire laptop situation has improved
>> after reinstalling the same Alpha using UFS +Softupdates as the file
>> system instead of UFS +Journal.
>> I have been running about four hours and have not crashed Dolphin,
>> even though I have looked on other slices and some mega-sized
>> directories.  Both these functions were prone to crash Dolphin and
>> cause a freeze or reboot.  I've also surfed the web, searched Google
>> and Google images.  These activities were also prone to cause a freeze
>> or reboot under a the UFS +journal file system.  I've had up to six
>> active programs running without even a hiccup.
>> I am also pleased about performance, the ability to update ports and
>> source using system administrator, and to install various software
>> using ports.
>> I had only one freeze when I clicked on four mpg video files and
>> opened them simultaneously with Dragon.  I'm currently installing
>> Kaffeine to see if that cures the problem.
>> In summary, I am happy that changing only the file system has made a
>> huge improvement for the laptop and eliminated the critical problems I
>> was having.  Your instinct about the journaling file system was
>> insightful.
>> Ian Robinson
>> Salem, Ohio
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