[PC-BSD Testing] New Alpha 08-08-2008 available!

troy at i2bnetworks.com troy at i2bnetworks.com
Mon Aug 11 21:55:56 PDT 2008

I installed 7 alpha 8-02 and found that it does not seem to have drivers
for my wireless. The GigE LAN seems to work. I am using a Sony Vaio
VGN-AR630E. The Wireless in it is an "iwl4965: Intel(R) Wireless WiFi Link
4965AGN" as identified in Ubuntu 8.04. PC-BSD 7 shows it as "<network> no
driver installed".

Both SATA drives and an external USB SATA drive work just fine for the
install. The video driver seems OK. I'm able to do full res at 24bit color

I just installed 7a 8-08 and it would seem to be the same way.

I don't recall if drivers available for this wireless card available on

Anything that you might need me to send I can send. I have not yet tested
the rest of the hardware.



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