[PC-BSD Testing] partitioning

Arthur a-koziol at neiu.edu
Mon Aug 11 14:20:38 PDT 2008

At 03:59 PM 08/11/2008, you wrote:
>Gary B. Corell wrote:
> > Kris:
> >  I tried to use the custom partitioner yesterday to no avail. up till
> > then my PCBSD7A partion had been 56GB and was shared with a 46GB FreeBSD
> > 6.3 partition and an 40+GB XPwindoze. What I wanted to do was to further
> > subdivide that 56GB PCBSD into 46GB and 10GB, the latter becoming my
> > PCBSD7 testbed and the rest dedicated to PCBSD1.5.1. I'm sure hoping
> > when the 7 is ready, it will upgrade that 1.5.1 niceley.
> > Custom partition would not subdivide it at all. I finally resorted to
> > diskpart to partition it.  Custom partition still would not see them. I
> > went back and formated the two partitions with xp's format. Custom
> > partition still wouldn't see them. I've made the Recovery Console a
> > permanent part of my XP startup so I didnt boot XP up to look at the two
> > new partitions. It wasn't till I booted of my 6.3 disk and began a
> > custom install of 6.3 that I was finally able to make the two partitions
> > available to be seen by PCBSD7 #30. I like 15.1 but BOY will I be glad
> > when 7 reaches a stable state! i sure like it!
> >  For anybody that might be interested, this is also a   SATA drive.
> > --
> >  Gary B. corell
>Ahh, I think we are talking about different things right now. I have
>*not* yet added any support for resizing or re-doing the primary
>partitions (slices) on the fly. (Such as ad0s1, ad0s2, ad0s3). What I
>have fixed / added is all the custom partition stuff (Such as ad0s1a,
>ad0s1d, ad0s1e), which lets you add / create new mount points within
>your install.
>Right now PC-BSD requires either an entire disk, or an available
>"primary" partition to install onto. After we get this release out, and
>stabilized I will probably go back and add support for creating /
>deleting partitions like you are describing. This time around I've had
>my hands full by adding UFS, UFS+S, UFS+J, and ZFS, DVD, Network
>Installs and not to mention converting everything to QT4/KDE4 which was
>a chore in itself :)


I think the transition to a DVD ISO is a bit more "green" in terms of only
needing one blank media for the OS install and additional programs. Happy
to see this!


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