[PC-BSD Testing] partitioning

Gary B. Corell wa5qjh at xmission.com
Mon Aug 11 13:50:16 PDT 2008

 I tried to use the custom partitioner yesterday to no avail. up till 
then my PCBSD7A partion had been 56GB and was shared with a 46GB FreeBSD 
6.3 partition and an 40+GB XPwindoze. What I wanted to do was to further 
subdivide that 56GB PCBSD into 46GB and 10GB, the latter becoming my 
PCBSD7 testbed and the rest dedicated to PCBSD1.5.1. I'm sure hoping 
when the 7 is ready, it will upgrade that 1.5.1 niceley.
Custom partition would not subdivide it at all. I finally resorted to 
diskpart to partition it.  Custom partition still would not see them. I 
went back and formated the two partitions with xp's format. Custom 
partition still wouldn't see them. I've made the Recovery Console a 
permanent part of my XP startup so I didnt boot XP up to look at the two 
new partitions. It wasn't till I booted of my 6.3 disk and began a 
custom install of 6.3 that I was finally able to make the two partitions 
available to be seen by PCBSD7 #30. I like 15.1 but BOY will I be glad 
when 7 reaches a stable state! i sure like it!
 For anybody that might be interested, this is also a   SATA drive.
 Gary B. corell

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