[PC-BSD Testing] Installation doesnŽt finish

Christian Michels ChristianMichels at web.de
Sat Aug 9 02:32:28 PDT 2008

Hello all,

IŽm quite new to (Free-/PC-) BSD (but not to Linux/Solaris; go ahead with the tech stuff). So please forgive me any stupid questions. 

Here is my setup:

Asrock A780FullDisplayPort
Athlon X2 BE2100CV
4GB mem
250GB SATA hdd

PC-BSD 7.0 08-02-2008

Installation runs very well and neat until the language packages are copied. In this stage it gets stuck and wonŽt finish. I already had a look at /var/log/messages but nothing alarming showed up there. How can I find out what the installer is doing or what heŽs waiting for?

By the way, I tried the alphas before and didnŽt manage to install any of them because I always got an tar error at the end of the installation. Has this error just accidently vanished? I didnŽt see a notice on the testing mail list.

Thanks in advance for your help!



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