[PC-BSD Testing] Intel XF86 driver with latest Alpha]

John Stokes airy at netspace.net.au
Thu Aug 7 06:28:43 PDT 2008

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> John Stokes wrote:
>> The latest Alpha works with my Intel G35 chipset  :-)  :-) 
>> .Interesting install though...
>> When installing I find I still have to set my Sata drives to IDE 
>> compatible mode to boot the DVD (sata drive) , then when it
>> has completed the install I can switch back to normal AHCI (native) 
>> mode.This may be a quirk of the ASUS bios I have ,but it
>> seems to work with other OS's.
> That is strange, can you give me a bit more detail about this? For 
> example, after you load the system and switch back to normal AHCI 
> mode, does the device name for your DVD drive change? Is it something 
> other than cd0 or acd0? What error is actually thrown when you try to 
> boot the DVD without this setting?
When trying to load the DVD  initially in AHCI mode (Sata drive 1) the 
system tries to access the DVD drive but fails and moves on to the next 
available boot device, so I have no info regards this , when run up in 
IDE then afterwards in native mode the drive info is the same. (i.e 
acd0: & cd0:) - I think this may be an issue with either the DVD or BIOS 
on the motherboard as Linux also has issues... :-(  I have even upgraded 
the firmware in the Pioneer DVR-215BK but to no avail.

>> The X config finds the Intel chipset and even loads the config in the 
>> native (1920x1200) resolution but still only lets me use only up to 
>> 1600x1200 settings - however when I let it set that config it comes 
>> up with "setting native resolution" and comes up to the full 
>> 1920x1200 desktop .There seems to be a limit of 1600x1200 that trips 
>> up both the current PC-BSD 1.51 and the alphas??? Looking at the 
>> display panel 1600x1200 is set at auto? (Intel driver works O/K Intel 
>> 3D enable driver is still nogo)
> Fixed the regular "intel" driver not working today. Should be 
> corrected in the next ISO's.
> You are specifying 1920x1200 and it then comes up in 1600x1200 each 
> time? But the config dialog itself is running correctly at 1920x1200? 
> What happens if you click "skip" and have it use the default res, does 
> it still stay in 1920? Also, have you tried specifying any refresh 
> rates in "advanced"?
I specify 1920x1200 mode and it refuses to configure and drops back to 
the config window , the monitor refresh rates don't appear to do 
anything. One annoying thing that has just appeared is a thin pink band 
vertically at the left of the screen (doesn't appear to affect anything 
, just annoying).

>> I was hoping that the PCI info under Kinfo would working by now but 
>> alas not yet , functionality is now very good though.
> Have you reported this to the kde-freebsd guys yet?
> https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-freebsd
> They may already be working on some patches for it :)
I'll look at that next.


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