[PC-BSD Testing] Re : Partition error

cokotracy mirindi cokotracy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 02:36:44 PDT 2008

Hello Max,

Can I know the version of PC-BSD you installed!
anyway  I guess It's not matter of the version you used, may Be
hardware problem.

I advice you to install with default partitions to see if any good
change will happen, then reinstall with the partitions you want.


Coko Tracy
Kinshasa, DRC

2008/8/6, Max ID <maxidlabs at gmail.com>:
> During the installation process, I tried to customize the partition layout.
>         /           1000M
>    SWAP       1000M
>    /VAR         1000M
>    /TMP         1000M
>    /USR        33000M
> But installation process aborted with message "No space left on device"
> In PC-BSD Version 1.5.1 and FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE I did't have these
> problems with the same settings.
> What can it be? Thanks forward.
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