[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 7 Alpha 02082008

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Tue Aug 5 07:30:25 PDT 2008

Navy Nitram wrote:
> Hello,
> I downloaded and burned the DVD ISO and installed without any 
> apparent problems. I quickly found that the nv Video driver for X was 
> inadequate with my nVidia 7600GT (the semi-transparent Desktop 
> window was fully transparent except for the border and the object 
> icons only visible when the mouse cursor ran over them), but the 
> nVidia 173xxx driver works just fine.

The "nv" driver is pretty basic, and doesn't support hardly any of the 
effects that the actual nvidia driver does. I would recommend sticking 
with nvidia 173.xxx from here on out.

> For a week or so before I had been trying the PCBSD 1.6 Alpha and I 
> had some issues with sound using my M-Audio Revolution 5.1sound 
> card. The initial problem with detecting the sound card after the kernel 
> has been started is gone but there is a wrong internal reference and 
> the system complains that it cannot load the appropriate sound 
> module: "snd_envy24h file or directory does not exist" the name 
> should be "snd_envy24ht". In the version 1.6 Alpha I could work 
> around this by adding the line "snd_envy24ht_load="YES" " in 
> loader.conf but this does not work with 7 alpha.

Thanks for the heads up. I found what was causing the bug, and it should 
be fixed in SVN now:


It'll be fixed in the next alpha.

> Another observed oddity is that on first boot, the taskbar widgets 
> (network status, scheduler and the check mark) besides the digital 
> clock are present, but they go away with the second boot However a 
> white underline is present where they should appear, using the default 
> oxygen theme. The underline starts small and stretches as the widget 
> applications are probably loaded, but the icons never appear and 
> running the cursor where they should be does not do anything.

Its a bug with QT 4.4.1, reported here:


> On the plus side, the screen data is much better handled in 7 Alpha 
> when shutting down or restarting the system. 1.6 Alpha displayed a lot 
> of gray checkerboard and or bits of previously viewed images in the 
> background.

Yea, that was rather annoying, they fixed in that in KDE 4.1-release :)

> Both versions exhibit the same behaviour where .PBI files are 
> concerned: after double-clicking a downloaded .PBI file, I am prompted 
> for the root password and then told "Command 
> '/home/yvan/.PBItmp/.pbistart' not found". Interestingly enough if I use 
> terminal session in su mode at that point in time, I can see the .PBItmp 
> directory and the .bpistart within. I cannot install a .PBI file if I try to 
> open it immediately when downloading it either.

Make sure you only download the 7.x PBI's listed here for now:


I'm in the process of approving / uploading the new set to PBIDir. Lots 
of the old 7.x PBIs on there were from the previous alpha with KDE 3.5.8 
on it, and the PBI creator has changed a lot since then.


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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