[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 7 Alpha 02082008

Navy Nitram navyn5 at shaw.ca
Mon Aug 4 12:19:20 PDT 2008


I downloaded and burned the DVD ISO and installed without any 
apparent problems. I quickly found that the nv Video driver for X was 
inadequate with my nVidia 7600GT (the semi-transparent Desktop 
window was fully transparent except for the border and the object 
icons only visible when the mouse cursor ran over them), but the 
nVidia 173xxx driver works just fine.

For a week or so before I had been trying the PCBSD 1.6 Alpha and I 
had some issues with sound using my M-Audio Revolution 5.1sound 
card. The initial problem with detecting the sound card after the kernel 
has been started is gone but there is a wrong internal reference and 
the system complains that it cannot load the appropriate sound 
module: "snd_envy24h file or directory does not exist" the name 
should be "snd_envy24ht". In the version 1.6 Alpha I could work 
around this by adding the line "snd_envy24ht_load="YES" " in 
loader.conf but this does not work with 7 alpha.

Another observed oddity is that on first boot, the taskbar widgets 
(network status, scheduler and the check mark) besides the digital 
clock are present, but they go away with the second boot However a 
white underline is present where they should appear, using the default 
oxygen theme. The underline starts small and stretches as the widget 
applications are probably loaded, but the icons never appear and 
running the cursor where they should be does not do anything.

On the plus side, the screen data is much better handled in 7 Alpha 
when shutting down or restarting the system. 1.6 Alpha displayed a lot 
of gray checkerboard and or bits of previously viewed images in the 

Both versions exhibit the same behaviour where .PBI files are 
concerned: after double-clicking a downloaded .PBI file, I am prompted 
for the root password and then told "Command 
'/home/yvan/.PBItmp/.pbistart' not found". Interestingly enough if I use 
terminal session in su mode at that point in time, I can see the .PBItmp 
directory and the .bpistart within. I cannot install a .PBI file if I try to 
open it immediately when downloading it either.

I hope someone may have run into some this before and may already 
have answers or workarounds. Thank you.

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