[PC-BSD Testing] Intel XF86 driver with latest Alpha

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Mon Aug 4 11:43:19 PDT 2008

John Stokes wrote:
> The latest Alpha works with my Intel G35 chipset  :-)  :-) .Interesting 
> install though...
> When installing I find I still have to set my Sata drives to IDE 
> compatible mode to boot the DVD (sata drive) , then when it
> has completed the install I can switch back to normal AHCI (native) 
> mode.This may be a quirk of the ASUS bios I have ,but it
> seems to work with other OS's.

That is strange, can you give me a bit more detail about this? For 
example, after you load the system and switch back to normal AHCI mode, 
does the device name for your DVD drive change? Is it something other 
than cd0 or acd0? What error is actually thrown when you try to boot the 
DVD without this setting?

> The X config finds the Intel chipset and even loads the config in the 
> native (1920x1200) resolution but still only lets me use only up to 
> 1600x1200 settings - however when I let it set that config it comes up 
> with "setting native resolution" and comes up to the full 1920x1200 
> desktop .There seems to be a limit of 1600x1200 that trips up both the 
> current PC-BSD 1.51 and the alphas??? Looking at the display panel 
> 1600x1200 is set at auto? (Intel driver works O/K Intel 3D enable driver 
> is still nogo)

Fixed the regular "intel" driver not working today. Should be corrected 
in the next ISO's.

You are specifying 1920x1200 and it then comes up in 1600x1200 each 
time? But the config dialog itself is running correctly at 1920x1200? 
What happens if you click "skip" and have it use the default res, does 
it still stay in 1920? Also, have you tried specifying any refresh rates 
in "advanced"?

> Again I managed to crash Dolphin within a couple of minutes of using it 
> (it still doesn't like accessing my main sata drive (1.51) and looking 
> at the Video (no icon) directory) , this is  probably be the biggest 
> gripe I have with KDE 4.X because it is critical to everyday usage , I 
> had to reboot because Dolphin would no longer load (I couldn't kill the 
> process at all). I do see that at KDE Bug Central there is lots of bug 
> squashing happening though ...

Its getting better slowly, but surely. However, in a pinch, you can set 
konq as the default file manager again, which I know quite a few people 
prefer anyway.

> I was hoping that the PCI info under Kinfo would working by now but alas 
> not yet , functionality is now very good though.

Have you reported this to the kde-freebsd guys yet?


They may already be working on some patches for it :)

> K3B still crashes with the pipe message :-(  . But I have Komposer 
> running (when the PBI is first run it comes up with a corrupted archive 
> integrity  message but when I run it again it works and runs ???)

K3B has a KDE4 version in their SVN repo, I'm hoping they release it in 
the next few weeks now that 4.1 is out, however if they don't, I may 
pull it from SVN and redo the PBI with it.

> The Icon/Task bar is now much better size wise  (thanks Kris & Co). The 
> mouse acceleration works well at 3 but if the "defaults" button is 
> pressed it goes back to 2. :-(

I think this is coded in KDE itself to default to "2". You can try 
asking them to change it to 3, but maybe that causes it to be too fast 
on other systems, not sure.

> Thunderbird didn't put an icon in the menu but did on the desktop (fixed 
> with menu editor).

I'll take a look at this, a lot of the PBI's are being re-built still, 
I've done a lot of fixes so far to the KDE4 menu system in the PBI format.

> I see a few people having download issues , I noticed that the FTP site 
> was being uploaded to slowly Saturday night (Aus time ) so waited till 
> all the data was there and my dvd passes its integrity check fine.I have 
> in the past transferred the file to a Windows XP machine (Nero) to burn 
> though.(I have had dodgy burns with DVDs in the past with K3B - some 
> burners aren't liked at all).
> John
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Thanks for your report!


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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