[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD7 Alpha

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Wed Apr 30 23:23:05 PDT 2008

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It is late so I will make this quick. I ran into two problems with  
the Alpha tonight. The first was with the installer. I have three  
SATA drives in my system and everything went right up until I got to  
drive selection. All three drives initially showed up correctly. The  
drive I wanted to install on was the first drive which has a 4GB  
partition for SkyOS and 150GBs of free space.

Drive 1     /dev/ad0s1: 4GB
                 /dev/ad0s2: 150GB

I clicked off this drive to both of the other two drives just to  
check and make sure I had the correct drive. When I clicked back on  
drive one it only showed the first partition and no longer showed the  
free space. I had to reboot and when I got back to that point the  
free space was there again. I will try again tomorrow to insure that  
I get the same results.

The second problem was more serious. I can only boot into X if I  
select the vesa driver. If I use any of the nVidia drivers or even  
the nv driver it fails to start X and I get the following error.  
link_elf: symbol msleep undefined. It does work in vesa mode and it  
looks very impressive.

I will try again tomorrow after I get some sleep. The lack of which  
is not conducive to accurate bug reporting.


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