[PC-BSD Testing] Report from Philippe

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Fri Sep 21 15:10:54 PDT 2007

Charles A. Landemaine wrote:
> Philippe tested the latest version and here's his feedback:
> - My external NTFS HDD isn't recognized

Not sure what to tell him here. Sounds like HAL isn't seeing his device.
Have him take a look here:


He'll need to send a bug report to the HAL guys, letting them know about
the problem. The maintainer over there is eager for bug reports ;)

> - The list of supported printers is quite limited, there aren't many
> modern printers.

Which "modern" printers is he referring to? We're up to date with the
latest stuff in ports, but it may be missing some in there. Maybe a PBI
is needed?

> - It would be a good thing to translate the quick guide

I agree, but we don't have it in place to do so just yet. Maybe we can
switch to a "joomfish" format for the quick-guide, which will let us
translated it easily into other langs.

> - Is it possible to have the French dictionary installed by default when
> you install KDE in French? Same for the clock/date in the latin format
> instead of English format (inverted)

I'm unsure which / where this dictionary is. I'm installing the entire
kde-fr translation package, but maybe this isn't in ports? As for clock,
I'll add it to Trac :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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