[PC-BSD Testing] Wed iso

brian brian.smith at summerside.ca
Thu Sep 20 19:58:28 PDT 2007

 I have the lastest snapshot running and am very impressed . I did install on 
it's own HD as I find a forced reset on BSD system can scramble the HD and a 
simple fdsk will not necessarily fix the problem for another OS .

The Goods :

- checked boxes for the installer - no more wiping out grub at 3:00 in the 
morning :)

- very , very fast - even with Compiz running , which works great

- nice program selection on install

- open sound , although it has to be specifically enabled in both the system 
services and mixer menus

- included ports

- finding fastest cvsup now works , although source failed to install off the 
second cd

- nice artwork during install , boot , and on the desktop . More wallpapers 
would be nice - check out RoFreeSBIE . 

- Kmail setup is much improved

- a DVD iso would be quicker and cheaper than two cds . Plus you could include 
Gnome lite , which works better in FreeBSD than any other OS for me .

- fluxbox for even more speed - nice

- It would be really nice to see some more game PBIs ie. Doom3 , Quake4 , and 
I'm hoping beyond hope for Quake wars .

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