[PC-BSD Testing] RC2 report

Charles A. Landemaine charles at pcbsd.org
Mon Sep 17 12:27:36 PDT 2007

On Mon, September 17, 2007 3:33 pm, Kris Moore wrote:
>>  1. In the installer, the quick tips of the 1st screen, the translation
>> is
>> messed up (it begins in the middle of the translation, then it starts
>> over)
> Which translation are you working on? Some of the .po files were rather
> messed up, and I've been fixing them as I find them :)

Thanks Kris. I tried the French translation.

>>  8. In the K Menu, when I click "Help", it says there is no index
> Correct, the user just needs to click if they want to build a search
> index or not. This is normal behavior :)

What should the user click? (yes/no). Isn't there a way to preset it in
the default install so that he doesn't have to go through this?
Thanks again! :)

Charles A. Landemaine

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