[PC-BSD Testing] 15th snapshot

Bill Leeper protagonist at charter.net
Sat Sep 15 14:52:13 PDT 2007

Installed the snapshot this morning and was reminded of a pet peeve of 
mine. Maybe I am getting too lazy in my old age, but it would be nice if 
I could select all the extras I want to add from the second CD and then 
click add just once.   :-)   Anyway, I can live with it the way it is. 
After installing I removed the CD and clicked on reboot. It restarted 
the system and then got hung up on the PC-BSD splash screen. I finally 
had to use the power button to turn off the system and then restart it 
again. This time it booted normally. It was probably just the "Ghost in 
the machine", but figured I would report it any way. No problems since then.

On a side note I have a 512 MB DIMM stick here that I would be willing 
to give to anyone developing or testing PC-BSD that could use more 
memory. It might be too old but the specs are 512 MB DDR-266Mhz-CL2.5 
PC2100U and I would prefer it go to someone working on the Betas that 
could use it. Email me at protagonist at charter.net and I will also pay 
the postage as long as it isn't to exorbitant. I hope no one minds me 
posting that here.


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