[PC-BSD Testing] New 1.4 ISO ready for inspection!

Andrei Kolu antik at raidon.eu
Sat Sep 15 03:10:19 PDT 2007

On Saturday 15 September 2007 12:07:58 Kris Moore wrote:
> Please give this one a whirl over the weekend, and if you find any more
> major bugs, let me know. I will be accepting bugs for 1.4 until Noon
> 12:00 PST Monday the 17th. After that I will only be working on prepping
> the ISO for final release.
I think that 17th is too early- too many broken PBIs on pbidir and users 
complaining about backward compatibility with old PBIs.
Let's give at least one week for testing and then release RC2. Not all current 
users are online during weekend anyway...

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