[PC-BSD Testing] 11th September ISO

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.com
Thu Sep 13 10:07:29 PDT 2007

Renato Flórido wrote:
> Here are my findings on the 11th September ISO:
> Note that I am installing using Portuguese (pt) language and keyboard
> settings and time zone…
> Installer:
> *      During the boot of the installer CD, the system hangs if my wife’s
> Ipod Nano is connected. The solution appears to be disconnecting the device.
> The boot process resumes when I do that. It’s rather annoying though…

Not sure what I can do about this for now :(

> *      When I reach the graphical mode, the screen is slightly offset up and
> to the left. The graphical installer window is also up and to the left. I am
> using a NVIDIA 8800GTS card here for the record.


> *      On the first graphical installer section (Language and time zone
> section) the “Useful tips” box appears in English despite being translated
> correctly to Portuguese (pt) on Pootle.


> *      On the “Installation phase” box, the text “Install or update” appears
> cut off in Portuguese (pt). Maybe we could use two lines for that section?

I've made the font a tad smaller, which may help. If that doesn't work,
can you use a shorter sentence in Portuguese for this line instead?

> *      On the “user accounts” section of the graphical installer, the filed
> “username” is cut off in Portuguese (pt).

See above ^^^

> *      On the “Advanced Disk Configuration” section the “Useful tips” box
> appears in English despite being translated correctly to Portuguese (pt) on
> Pootle.


> First Boot:
> *      Again, when I reach the graphical mode, the screen is slightly offset
> up and to the left. The resolution settings window is also up and to the
> left.


> *      As the xorg.conf file is being generated, the mouse cursor still
> appears on the screen.

This is normal, since the mouse driver works in the console as well.

> OS:
> *      In the main menu, some menu entries are not translated to Portuguese
> (pt) as they should:

Fixed! I sent out an update menu translation file yesterday, already put
in all the ones I've had come back.

> *      The “System Manager” appears to have only some of the translation
> stings loaded. Some areas are still left in English.

For some reason it looks like a few strings from the system manager
didn't make it into Pootle. Not sure if I'll get this fixed for 1.4 or not.

> *      How can one disable Compiz Fusion after having selected it to auto
> start? I can’t see how…

Fixed! If you re-run the Compiz fusion icon and its enabled, it'll ask
you if you want to stop from loading at startup now.

> *      In the “System Manager”, in the “Misc” section, the “Show splash
> screen image on boot” is defaulted to English when it should be defaulted to
> Portuguese (pt).

I'll send this over to Tim, see what he can find.

> *      The “Win” keys on the keyboard are not working. I selected the
> Portuguese (pt) keyboard layout on the installer and I am using a standard,
> Portuguese layout 105 key keyboard…

They are working correctly, we have defaulted to not using the "Win" key
as a shortcut for the KMenu. Instead it acts by default as a modifier,
which is used in a lot more places. (Compiz being one)

If you want to change this back to the regular KMenu shortcut, take a
look at this FAQ:


> *      Using Konqueror, when I try to download a PBI the browser opens the
> file automatically instead of asking where to save the file.

This only happens when you click a link to an PBI set to open in a new
window. (Usually on the forums) When you use pbidir it works as it
should. I haven't found a way in Konq to change this yet, for some
reason it assumes that opening something in a new window isn't a file.

> *      While trying to stop hald in the “services manager”, it fails to do
> so. I can stop the auto start. Is this right?


> Hope this gets fixed before release. Maybe a RC2 version should be made
> before release… I still see some things needing fixes. Better a bit late
> than sorry. (That would be called “Learning from nearly all of our previous
> releases”)

Right now it looks like we'll be doing a RC2 this weekend, with the new
Xorg 7.3 in it, and all the fixes I've made over the past few days :)


Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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