[PC-BSD Testing] Friday 8th build

Charles A. Landemaine charles at pcbsd.org
Sat Sep 8 07:17:19 PDT 2007

Here are the issues I found today (keep in mind my language is 100%
translated in Pootle)

 • In the installer, the quick tips of the advanced particion config
screen are not translated
 • In the list of partitions, there's a string that isn't
translated: "/dev/ad0s2: 40GB Free Space"
 • When installing additional components, their names are not
 • When the installer starts copying the files from the CD-ROM to
the HDD, it reads /./PCBSD/foo/bar while it should read /PCBSD/foo/bar
 • The Network Manager is not fully translated: On the main screen,
under "Device Status", the text is still in English
 • 80% of the Firewall GUI is still in English
 • Items in the system tray are still in English (Battery Manager,
Network Manager)
 • The following item and subitems are still in English: "K Menu >
Configuration > Software & Updates"
 • In the Network Manager, if I click the "Help" button, it says the
help is not available
 • In the K Menu, when I click "Help", it says there is no index
 • I have Firefox, if I check for updates, it says there's
an update available, but it's Firefox, LOL, not sure what is
causing this :D
 • The OpenOffice.org PBI on CD 2 is outdated (v.2.1)

That's it! :)

Charles A. Landemaine

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