[PC-BSD Testing] Installer problem with Japanese user

Yamashiro, Jun yamajun at ofug.net
Sun Sep 2 06:12:24 PDT 2007

Hello lists,
I translate PC-BSD messages into Japanese.

I found some problems for Japanese user at
PC-BSD 1.4RC and older 1.4 snapshot.

* Installer cannot set to Japanese keyboard layout
 In installer, if you select keyboard layout to "jp(Japan)",
XkbModel in /etc/X11/xorg.conf should be set to "jp106"
for Japanese keyboard.  But, XkbModel set to "pc105".

And, KDE's keyboard layout set to "Generic 104-key PC".
It should be set to "Japanese 106-key".

* Missing Japanese TrueType font.
 Current version's PC-BSD have Chinese TrueType fonts.  It can display 
Japanese text.  But, that quolity of Japanese text isn't good.
Please install ports/japanese/vlgothic to install disc and HDD 
same as PC-BSD 1.3.

* Date display in PC-BSD's KDM theme is NOT user-friendly for east asian people.
 In east asia(Japan/China/Korea/etc.), date format is
(Month Day Day_of_the_week hh:mm).  But, KDM theme is fixed for 
european-style date format(Day_of_the_week Day Month hh:mm).

I've only one negative solution: remove date display from KDM theme.

Yamashiro, Jun			Email: yamajun at ofug.net
Okinawa FreeBSD Users Group
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