[PC-BSD Testing] Sept.7 build

brian brian.smith at summerside.ca
Sun Nov 11 17:03:14 PST 2007

 I've installed the latest build and all seems to be stable . The 
installer , video setup , software selection and look and feel are 
excellent . The time zone selection is a bit antiquated , but thats 
minor . I still have no sound with my Sound Blaster live and the system 
source still has to be installed a second time . Playing with ports to 
try and fix my sound problem no longer crashes the system - this is very 
good . I can remove the sound card and go with on board , but I have six 
other operating systems installed that have no problem with it . I would 
probably use PC-BSD on a daily basis if it were not for this , as it 
stands I'm using it as a place holder to keep a BSD formatted partition 
. If anyone can think of a fix please let me know - it's not like this 
is an uncommon piece of hardware .

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