[PC-BSD Testing] System crash (nov4 build) when re-enabling network card for static IP

Jeff Colter jeff.colter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 21:53:08 PST 2007

I was testing the latest build (Nov4 1.4.1-devel) and wanted to change the
network from DHCP to static.

I changed the settings in the network config box but the browser could not
find the DNS even though they were correctly listed.  I could contact the
router and ping IP addresses.

I disabled the network adapter card and when re-enabling it the mouse froze
and the system rebooted itself after 10 seconds.

After bringing the system back up everything was fine, running on a static

Seems there needs to be a way to flush the DNS cache and reset the network
card without rebooting or certainly without crashing.

Network card: Broadcom BCM5750 on DELL Power Edge SC420

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