[PC-BSD Testing] Testing Digest, Vol 5, Issue 10

Terry bigboss64 at ippimail.com
Sun May 20 08:42:05 PDT 2007

> I found out that the crash handler is gone.
> /Programs/AcrobatReader7.0.9/.sbin//run-acroread.sh:
> /PCBSD/bin/CrashHandler: not found
> --
> Charles A. Landemaine.
> http://www.pcbsd.org

Removing it may break a few things but hey, I'd say its an improvement !
Sure the things useful for a few things but its more so annoying. Even
compared to the 'send error report (abort)|(retry)|(ignore)' messages of
another popular OS. And theres no option to disable the dang thing afaik.
And I think Apple was so kind as to allow such a feature with their
infamous Balloon help system :-)

I practically need to schedule a cronjob to clean out '\..*std.*' files in
home directories as it is. So I say good riddens to it and _thank you_ to
who ever killed it !

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22nd Special Air service EVR

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