[PC-BSD Testing] Problems of the snapshot version

Charles A. Landemaine charles at pcbsd.org
Wed May 2 19:08:41 PDT 2007

Now that our auto-build server is up and running, I think it's a good  
opportunity to list all problems of the snapshot build. I'm testing the  
monday build.

1) The initial text-based menu is from old times. I think we should change  
it, make it nicer, etc...
2) The title bar of the initial text-based menu reads "PC-BSD 1.4 Beta"  
but it's not a beta version
3) The background paper of the system installer is a black and white  
pattern. It should be artwork (ie: the wall paper)
4) The left columns that list the different steps reads "1.3" instead of  
maybe 1.4a or something
5) After being reported several months ago, the label text is still cut  
off if you choose a different language from English. People who are not  
used to operating systems may not be able to install PC-BSD is they choose  
a foreign language. This is a serious problem that hasn't been addressed  
so far.
6) While typing the password confirmation, you get a red alert saying the  
passwords don't match. This doesn't look professional. This bug was  
reported before 1.3 also.
7) The tips under the NIC config advanced screen are not translated  
(although they were)
8) When there are alerts, for instance when it asks for CD2, the title bar  
is utterly ugly
9) After installing PC-BSD, icons of the Start menu are jagged
10) There is no icon on the desktop. I would expect at least a Konqueror  
shortcut, a Trash can, a "My computer" and a "My documents" icon.
11) Personal taste, I prefered the 1.3 look and feel (title bars and task  
12) When I double-click a PBI on a shared directory, I get a prompt that  
asks if I want to save the file or open it with runpbi.sh. First, it  
shouldn't ask if I want to save it because it's already saved. Second, it  
should name the tool that is going to be run instead of the name of its  
file (ie: PBI Launcher instead of runpbi.sh)
13) In my home directory, the "Images" folder doesn't have an image icon,  
it's a sort of default icon instead
14) If I apply a photo as wallpaper, the title bar of open windows isn't  
transparent anymore (it's blue)
15) The annoying system sounds are back
16) There's no icon for "K Menu > Games > Games for Kids"
17) I selected the "French" keyboard during system installation but after  
rebooting, I have a QWERTY keyboard
18) I typed the two DNS servers during system installation but after  
rebooting PC-BSD, in the Network Configuration tool, the 1st DNS listed is  
unknown to me (it's a different one).
19) PC-BSD doesn't shut down (ACPI issue) while Linux shuts down my  
computer properly
20) I don't have read-write access on my NTFS partition

Charles A. Landemaine.

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