[PC-BSD Testing] User Manager Beta5

Renato Flórido renatoflorido at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 16:03:24 PDT 2007

I removed the older version, installed the new one. 

These are the issues I noticed:

* One cannot use capital letters in the username. Some people might like to
use capital letters.

* The Desktop link and the System admin menu link have different behaviour:

- When pressing the Desktop Link, A text window opens behind the user
manager window which shows a prompt menu instructing the user to press the
admin icon in order to use the manager. When the user presses the admin icon
a password box appears and one is able to use the tool in admin mode (red
square around the GUI). 

- When the system admin menu link is pressed, only the password box appears.
After typing entering the password, the user manager opens but there is no
indication it is being run in admin mode.

* There is no option to change the user's picture... ;)

* In a user account setup without admin privileges, trying to enter admin
tools results in an error message. I suppose this is the correct behaviour
as that account has no admin privileges but the error message should be
somewhat different, more user friendly and less frightening.

Something like: 

"Sorry, You cannot run this tool as you have no Administration privileges"

Would be much better. This is not a problem with the user manager itself but
as the user manager gives the option to create accounts without admin
privileges and such accounts have this issue, I believe this could be
improved as well.

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Hey guys,

New release of User Manager, Beta5.

Make sure you remove the old version before installing this version (I
code a check into the PBI).

You can find it here:

Change Log
- Fixed issue where primary group would be incorrectly reported after 
committing changes in the user tab of the advanced dialog.
- Fixed issue where the a new group would be lost if a new user was added to

it, before either were committed to the system.

Thanks to Matt Meyer for his excellent testing!

- Fixed a weird issue Drache reported, where upon applying changes, 
information would be incorrectly reported in the simple view (but not in the

advanced view). I wasn't refreshing a cache.
- Fixed the segfault that occured when new users were added, or passwords
changed. I forgot to include a library when I converted the application to 
the cmake system ;)

Tim McCormick
PC-BSD Lead Developer
tim at pcbsd.org

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